April 11, 2023 12:07 pm

Welcome to the new Pilot Knob Farm website! The previous incarnation of our site served us (and our customers) well for years, but like the seasons, change is inevitable…and this change is definitely for the better!

We’re new and improved in several important ways.

Same brand, better name

First, you’ll notice that we’ve rebranded a little bit – from Pilot Knob Comforts to Pilot Knob Farm. We’re still located at Pilot Knob, a local high point near Oneida, Illinois, as we have been since 1877, so that part will never change. While our popcorn is still the ultimate, hull-less comfort food – there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with family (and pets) and watching a movie with a warm bowl of buttery, perfectly seasoned popcorn! – we really wanted to emphasize that we’re first and foremost an honest-to-goodness farm. The popcorn you buy from us is grown, dried, stored, and packaged on our family farm – this is REAL, authentic farm-to-table goodness from our family to yours.

You’ll see this change in the logo, where we’ve updated it to include “FARM”, as well as our new, easier-to-remember domain name (pilotknob.farm), and you’ll start seeing this update on our packaging, as well.

From plow to PC, a better website

As for the web experience…

The performance of this new website will blow your mind! We’re farmers, so we can’t get too far into the technical “weeds” (see what we did there?) about the cleaner code and the upgraded hosting (which is why we brought in some techie friends to help), but we can tell you it’s lightning fast and a lot of fun!

Honestly awesome – many asked, now we’re ready-to-eat in the bag!

You’ll find new products in our shop, like our Cheesy Dust White Cheddar Blend popcorn seasoning, 4 Seasons Everything Spice Blend seasoning, and our ready-to-eat, pre-seasoned bags of Honestly Awesome White Cheddar and Lightly Salted popcorn, as well as all of your old favorites. 

Easier shopping

Speaking of the ol’ favorites, we know you’ll like the new, simplified ordering and pricing. Instead of pre-set bundles, everything can be ordered in any increment or volume. More options and free shipping on order volumes above $50. We’re also offering some big-time discounts. Subscribe to get your favorite order delivered on an every-month or every two-month basis, along with huge discounts up to 15%! The best thing about the new shop, though, is how much better organized and easier to shop it is. Click the Shop button, and the menu that pops down gets you quickly to anything you need. And once you arrive at a product page, adding items to the cart is much easier and more intuitive than before.

We’ve also added some awesome new gear. Support family farms like us and look great doing it! From t-shirts and hoodies to hats, beanies, socks, and more, we’ve got the useful gear that you’ll actually want to wear and use—you’ll be able to Pop it Like It’s Hot,” as never before.

Cooking better

Our new-and-improved FAQ page has simple videos that show how to properly pop our popcorn kernels, as well as how to pop our fun, microwavable Popcob, with other frequently asked questions that might be of interest.

Peddling popcorn (even more) locally

Finally, we’ve included a simple form for those interested in carrying Pilot Knob Farm products in their store. Reach out through our wholesale page, and we’ll be in touch ASAP to complete your order.

As always, we want to hear from you!

We put a lot of time into planting, growing, harvesting, drying, and packing the best popcorn possible. We want your shopping experience online to be just as enjoyable as our hull-less, no-toothpicks-required popcorn. We hope you love the new website and all the enhanced features. Feel free to reach out to us anytime on our contact page to let us know what you think.