Passion For The Land

For well more than a century, our family has nurtured an inseparable connection with our land, our community, and our customers. Over time, the Pilot Knob farm operations have evolved, but our passion for farming and family remain a foundational, generations-old way of life. From methodical crop rotation that supports biodiversity to a no-tillage approach that reduces fuel consumption and maintains the integrity of the soil, we’re deliberate about sustainability and other best practices that protect our land, our family, and our customers. Whether chairing the Illinois Leadership Council for Agriculture Education, supporting youth agriculture education, working to sustain area nonprofits, or serving as president of our local P.E.O. chapter, our family takes great pride in being conscientious and of service to others. We hope that this passion is evident in every kernel of our popcorn.

Making Memories Pop

To us, popcorn is more than a tasty, natural snack. It’s nostalgic.
We’ve all enjoyed popcorn while watching a movie with friends or
family and gathered with a buttery bowl around the holidays.
Popcorn is so often at the center of our warmest, most unforgettable
moments, and we take our role in that very seriously. We put our
heart and soul into growing, harvesting, and offering you the very
best popcorn so that you can make those meaningful memories pop!


The hull is the part of the corn kernel that covers the grain…you may know it better as that annoying thing that constantly gets suck in your teeth when eating most kinds of popcorn! If we’re being honest, we don’t like hulls either, which is why we did something about it. The red and blue varieties of popcorn we plant were chosen intentionally. While they do technically have a hull, you wouldn’t know it. Pilot Knob popcorn is less of a pain in the teeth because its hulls are much thinner and softer. Compared to most other popcorns, ours is basically hull-less. Spend more time enjoying your popcorn in comfort and less time picking it out of your teeth