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Honestly Awesome White Cheddar Popcorn


Our premium blue kernel popcorn has a crispy texture and robust crunch with a nutty, buttery flavor, larger body, and subtle, natural sweetness that’s far superior to typical white or yellow commodity popcorn…and that’s WITHOUT any seasoning! Our specialty blended white cheddar seasoning adds a tangy, cheesy punch that pairs perfectly with our popcorn. You won’t find a more tender, flavorful, perfectly seasoned, ready-to-eat popcorn anywhere! This is HONESTLY AWESOME POPCORN!

Net Wt. 8 oz (277g)
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The hull is the part of the corn kernel that covers the grain…you may know it better as that annoying thing that constantly gets suck in your teeth when eating most kinds of popcorn! If we’re being honest, we don’t like hulls either, which is why we did something about it. The red and blue varieties of popcorn we plant were chosen intentionally. While they do technically have a hull, you wouldn’t know it. Pilot Knob popcorn is less of a pain in the teeth because its hulls are much thinner and softer. Compared to most other popcorns, ours is basically hull-less. Spend more time enjoying your popcorn in comfort and less time picking it out of your teeth

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